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Travel & Make Money

Perfect for Grads and Anyone Looking for Remote Work

Travel and Make Money

Are you ready to start traveling more but need to make some extra cash on along the way?

Spend more time traveling or spending more time outdoors with family and friend by working flexible hours and earning a terrific part-time income.

VipKid is the perfect summer job for making some extra cash and it’s not just a job for teachers. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and kid experience qualifies.

This is a summer job you’ll love!

Job Highlights

  1. Set your own schedule.
  2. Work as little or as much as you’d like.
  3. All bachelor degrees are welcome.
  4. Perfect for anyone with kid experience including; Teachers, Group/Scout Leaders, Mentors, Tutors, Coaches and more.
  5. NO need to know a foreign language.
  6. Join a supportive community of 30,000+ like-minded individuals.
  7. Spend more time with friends and family this summer!
  8. An easy to understand recruitment process.

Anyone with a University degree can apply from the US or Canada.

If hired, you will earn up to $22 per hour or more to teach kids English online from home.

The hours are typically mornings, evenings and weekends, so it’s perfect for those looking to supplement their income.

The really cool part is all training and materials are provided and there’s NO NEED to know a foreign language.

A flexible remote job that supports a flexible schedule is a job you can’t pass up!

Sound good? Still not quite sure it’s for you?

A Few More Highlights About VipKid:

  • VIPKID is backed by Kobe Bryant. (Other venture capital investors include Sequoia Capital,
    Learn Capital, Tencent, Matrix Partners, Sinovation Ventures etc.)
  • VIPKID uses a flipped classroom approach – students will independently learn the material
    and will get a 30-minute lesson with the teacher. After that they receive virtual homework and
    practice games.
  • Teaching online with VIPKID is like being on a Skype call with interactive Powerpoint
    presentations for lesson plans.
  • All lesson plans are created by the talented VIPKID Curriculum
    team, which takes the pressure off teachers. That means teachers can just focus on what they
    love – teaching – without all the extra prep work!
  • VIPKID teachers do not have to worry about the lesson planning or grading. The platform is VIPKID’s proprietary tech and
    proprietary curriculum developed in-house. It’s a VIPKID branded product from start to finish
    – all VIPKID tools.
This post has been brought to you by VIPKID, the leading online education platform that provides you with all the tools and training necessary to work a flexible schedule so you can spend more time outdoors with friends and family.

The full curriculum is provided for you so no need for lesson planning or grading, plus you don’t need to know a foreign language. Join their supportive community of 30,000+ like-minded individuals and start earning up to $22 per hour or more. Learn more at 

Travel and Make Money Online
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