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General Features:

  • PSD files – for Photoshop – editable shapes and text
  • AI files – for Illustrator – editable vectors and text
  • EPS files – for other vector editing software
  • 1600+ vector elements – 100% scalable and re-sizable – perfect for creating logos and illustrations
  • 500+ logo templates – various designs and themes
  • 400+ JPG textures – 4500x3000px 300dpi
  • 200+ styles and swatches – to install in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • PNG textures and patterns, vector textures
  • Various graphics and illustrations (watercolor and hand drawn)
  • Catalog files previews – folders for each product with JPG previews of what it includes for easy browsing without opening the actual files.
  • Video tutorials that cover how to edit logos in Photoshop, how to use the kits, how to duplicate and re-size, how to install the styles an swatches and how to apply the JPG textures on text and shapes in both Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Best Logo Creation Kit Bundle


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