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  • Resumes – Traditional & Online Resume Website
  • Resumes – How To Get Started
  • Free 300+ Power Words & Phrases
  • 3,800 Resume Templates
  • Choosing A Resume Style
  • 7 Professional Resume Service Options
  • Our Top Pick for a Professional Resume Service
  • Free Professional Resume Review
  • 5 Common Resume Mistakes – Do’s and Dont’s
  • Free Career Coaching & Support
  • Q&A

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Resumes – Traditional & Online Resume Website

When it comes to job hunting the most crucial aspect is your resume. Making a great first impression in person may be easy for many, but making a great first impression on paper is difficult for most. You have one chance to make it “in-the-door” with a hiring manager which means any little mistake on your resume can be detrimental to getting an interview.

Whether your resume is in print or you have an Online Resume Website, remember your resume is your one chance to show off your skills, experience, and knowledge to a hiring manager or client and win an opportunity for an interview.

TIP: Having BOTH a traditional resume and an Online Resume Website will help you to get more noticed by hiring managers who will move you to the top of the “Job Interview” pile.

Your resume should look both professional and provide relevant information directed toward the specific job you are applying. For the most part, everyone knows they need a resume to apply for a job. However, not everyone knows that you need one when you before searching for a job.

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If you don’t have a resume the easiest way to get started is to sit down with your favorite app, doc creator or pen/pencil and notebook and generate a very much rough draft of your resume.

There are two useful ways of generating a fresh resume.

#1 – Write down your complete job history

#2 – Create the following sections:

Skills – In no particular order, just start brainstorming your job skills. Every skill matters but try to tailor your skills to match the job posting so you can boost your application to the top of the list.

Education –  Jot down all of your education including diplomas, degrees, awards, honors and course certifications. If you’re new to the workforce, you may want to add your GPA mainly if it’s 3.8 or above.

Work History – Create a chronological list of your experience which is relevant to the job you are applying.

Objective – A resume objective shows the hiring manager how you are qualified for the job.  Taking away keywords from the job posting requirements and desires, jot down specific skills that you have with the job posting. Creating a new objective for each job application will get your more interviews since you are tailoring to the particular job.


References – While listing references is not necessary on your resume it is an excellent addition to provide to the hiring manager showing them you have supporters of your work ethic and performance.  Tip: Don’t list on your resume “References available upon request.” This statement is tacky and a turn-off to hiring managers.

Either process you choose in generating a fresh resume is up to you and will help you create a winning resume. Most important, remember there is no one size fits all resume.  You need to slightly modify your resume to match the job you are applying.


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Choosing A Resume Style

There is a wide variety of resume styles available.   And now that you’ve compiled a list of your work and education history it’s time to choose a resume style.

Functional – This resume style is typically used for career changes or gaps in work history.

Chronological – This resume style begins with your most current job and is best used if you have an extensive work history.

Combination – This resume style is effective in capturing the hiring managers attention with a “Summary of Qualifications.”  Key combination resume points included “Related Work Experience” and “Additional Professional Experience.”

If you’re choosing to move forward with writing your own resume be sure to get a second or third opinion from friends, family members or colleagues who can provide you with ideas and constructive criticism about your resume.


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If you haven’t noticed, resume writing is extremely time-consuming. So if after creating your work and education history you feel like leaving the resume writing to the pros, we’ve provided a few resources below

Now if you prefer to leave the resume writing to the professionals we’ve got you covered from online resume creation in minutes, to resume writing and cover letter services to even Linkedin Profile writing services.

Whatever route you choose in creating your resume, we wish you a successful resume(s) and all the best in your career.

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7 Professional Resume Service Options

Resumes – Our Top Pick for A Professional Resume Service

There are many different resume services available on the market.  We’ve been in helping job seekers since 2013 with their employment services needs. If you’re considering going through a reputable resume designer company, our top pick for resume success is by far ZipJob – Job-Winning Resumes and here’s why.

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  • ZipJob never shares your resume

Free Professional Resume Review – No Obligation

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We mentioned there is no commitment to use ZipJob’s Free Resume Review and we mean it.  Or rather, they mean it. There’s no catch and no commitment.  Within 48 hours after you submit your confidential resume review check to a professional resume writer who is on standby, you’ll receive helpful feedback on areas for improvement. They don’t hide any fees and don’t require a credit card for the free resume review. The professional resume review is entirely legit and confidential. After you’ve received the free professional resume feedback, it’s entirely up to you if you want to hire a professional writer to take your resume to the next level. Their professional writers have landed job seekers jobs at top companies such as:

5 Common Resume Mistakes – Do’s and Don’ts

  1. DON’T Use the ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Resume. DO make sure your resume mimics the job you are applying. No job is the same, therefore no resume should be the same either. Rule of thumb: Modify your resume to fit the position you are applying.
  2. DON’T Use Graphics. DO provide a link to your portfolio.  Your resume should highlight your experience, skills, and knowledge not to be overpowered with images/graphics.
  3. DON’T Ignore Keywords. DO use keywords found in the job description and buzz words surrounding your profession.
  4. DON’T Use Multiple Fonts and Unappealing Layouts. DO make your resume visually appealing. Remember, first 6-second impression.
  5. DON’T Skimp on  Action Verbs. DO begin your bullet points with power action verbs.

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