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Proofreading Career from Home or Traveling

Yes, YOU Can Work from Anywhere!

Proofreading can be an easy way to either make extra cash on the side or a full-time job.

Proofreading means to thoroughly examine text with care to identify and correct typographical errors including grammar, style, and spelling.

Copywriters are highly skilled writers who may write for companies specializing in sales, marketing or technical areas.

Anyone such as authors, writers, bloggers, or students desire a positive response to their hard work. Therefore these people need proofreading expertise before submitting work to the general public or professors.

If you're a Virtual Assistant or general freelancer, proofreading and copywriting skills can overlap and both services can be offered as an additional service to provide your clients.

If you have strong grammar skills, always finding spelling errors, or maybe just intrigued by this career opportunity, then chances are excellent that you can make a generous living as a proofreader.

Better yet, our friend Caitlin Pyle is offering her Workshop Free!

Who's Caitlin? Well, she made a little over $43,000 as a part-time freelance proofreader in her first year.

Caitlin's success as a proofreader has transformed into teaching others how to be successful as a proofreader.  A job you can do from anywhere!

Sound good?

Scroll down to find our job board full of proofreading and editing jobs fro companies hiring now for work from home or travel and working remotely.

What is a typical income for a proofreader?

With no college degree required, a Proofreading job is highly desirable for Work-from-Home and Remote-Work Travel folks.

According to an average reporting including Glassdoor,, and, a Proofreader salary starts around $49k+ with salary increases for applicants showing more training and experience.

It all comes down to how motivated you are.

How to become a freelance proofreader?

If you’re ready to get started with your Proofreader career, don’t get left behind! Check out the most popular online Proofreader course today.

Find all the editor, proofreading, copywriter jobs and gigs we have curated for you on our job board. Enjoy!

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