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  • Freelance
  • Remote
  • $9 p/h+ USD / Year

Virtual Office - $9 p/h


Independent Contractor Position With Virtual Office VA Staffing

To apply for an independent contractor position with Virtual Office VA Staffing:

  • You MUST be in the United States,
  • MUST have a computer with high-speed internet,
  • MUST have a computer (USB) headset or physical phone,
  • MUST have an EIN for W9 (Go to, if you don’t already have an EIN)
  • MUST speak clear English and
  • MUST be serious about working from home.

This is NOT a hobby, but a real self-employment opportunity. No Cold Call Sales!!
We pay weekly (one week held back) and start at $9 per hour for actual work completed
(not idle time), on your agreed upon contracted clients.

After Application is submitted, we will offer you free basic training and overview videos of what your general client(s) would be looking for you to do for them. The tasks involve a lot of phone work, therefore if you are not a people person, this is not for you.
If you are comfortable with this type of job, after reviewing the training and overview videos, you will complete a test letting us know that you understand the client expectations. Upon successful completion of the test, we will offer you an interview.
Once successfully passing the interview process, we will offer you a contract to work with as many clients as you want. The more you want to work, the more money you make. Our virtual assistants work 20-45 hours per week, depending on what they want!

You decide:

  • how many hours you want to work per week,
  • when you want to work,
  • from where you work,
  • how you work and
  • work with your own equipment.

You would be an independent contractor, not an employee. 
Unfortunately, we can no longer contract Texas independent contractors and we do NOT contract anyone outside the USA.
No Exceptions!

To apply for this job please visit