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Lost to Live

We are looking for writers with first-hand travel experience in your chosen topic...

Lost to Live is now accepting submissions of travel articles.

Lost to Live is a new travel website established to encourage travel and experiencing new cultures. To get our viewers excited about travel we share the experiences of others and their travels abroad as well as travel information and tips.

We are looking for writers with first-hand travel experience in your chosen topic but a writer with good research skills is acceptable, however, we do require that all of our writers have traveled somewhere outside of their home countries in the last 3 years.


There are multiple topics you can choose from including the following:

  1. Global Travel Guide: Travel Tips
    • Example Headline: How to Select Your Next Vacation Destination
  2. Location Specific Topics
    • Food Spotlight: Guides to recommended places to eat or cultural food for the selected location.
      • Example Headline: Top 6 Local Favorite Restaurants in Santorini, Greece
    • Tourist Attractions: Guides to recommended tourist locations and activities for the selected location.
      • Example Headline: 5 Must Sees in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    • Accommodation Spotlight: Guides to places to stay while traveling in the selected location..
      • Example Headline: Airbnb vs Hotel lodging in Puerto Rico.
    • Cultural Spotlight: Cultural spotlights must be written about a specific location, however their topics can vary. This could include anything from The Best Forms of Transportation in the Selected Location – all the way to – Local Customs You Must Know Before Visiting Tokyo.
  3. Genuine Travel Experiences: Travel experiences are stories shared by genuine travelers about their time abroad.


Submission Guidelines

General Topics & Location Specific Topics

  • Content Length: We recommend that all submissions be around 800 words in length, but must be no shorter than 600 words. Submissions over 1000 words may be requested to be cut down.
  • Document Format: Word Document
  • Image Submissions: While images are not required, articles submitted with accompanying, related images will be given precedence. You must own all rights to images submitted or they must be available for commercial use with no attribution required.

Genuine Travel Experiences

  • Content Length: We recommend that all submissions be no more than 250 words.
  • Document Format: Word Document
  • Image Submissions: While images are not required, experiences submitted with images relating to the submitted experience will be given precedence. You must own all rights to images submitted.


Lost to Live articles are shared both on our website, social media accounts and alternate media channels. Compensation for your submissions will be through exposure to our growing community of readers and followers as well as the potential for a letter of recommendation from Lost to Live upon request if your submission has been chosen to be published.

You may submit as many articles as you like as long as they meet the above guidelines for your chosen topic. If your submission is chosen to be published, we will reach out within 30 days to notify you and request your profile picture and byline to be published with your article.


License and Copyright Terms and Conditions

When submitting material via this Site, you agree that the personal information that you provide will be accurate, current and complete.

When you submit articles, experiences, or other materials (your “Submission”) to this Site, you are granting Lost to Live a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, commercialize, display (in whole or part), and to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed; and to distribute in connection with the Submission your name and other personal information that you provide.

You acknowledge that Lost to Live is not obligated to use your Submission in any online or print publication. You agree to submit to Lost to Live any information you learn of suggesting that your Submission infringes the copyright of any other person or legal entity.

We acknowledge that you continue to own all copyright to your Submission, subject to the unrestricted license granted above. You agree that you have not and will not sell or license any part of your Submission in a way that would impair or restrict Lost to Live from fully using the license you have granted above.

We may, but are not obligated to, provide payment to you for your Submission. Such compensation terms will be provided in each Submission listing’s guidelines.

By completing your submissions, you agree to the above License and Copyright Terms and Conditions.

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