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  • Part-Time
  • Remote
  • $40k - $60k per year USD / Year


Studies have shown that self-management can provide real relief from chronic pain, discomfort associated with chronic illness, anxiety and stress.

MOBE Self-Management Guide (Bilingual English/Spanish)
ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION MOBĒ (MOBĒ is a personalized program that empowers people on their path to a better life. We find individuals suffering with or at risk for chronic health problems, we selectively couple them with an expert MOBĒ Guide in an empowering relationship and we engage them in a journey of better ways for thinking and acting toward enhanced physical, emotional and social wellbeing. This involves introducing them to entertaining, compelling and actionable mental and physical exercises.

Guiding consumers away from the mistaken assumption that the health care system holds all the answers, MOBĒ enables individuals to tap their own power to be better physically, emotionally and socially. We change the rules and the game. The benefits are dramatic, whether you struggle daily with a health condition or simply want to feel your best. Wherever you are on the journey to a better, healthier you, MOBĒ offers customized, comprehensive pathways forward. Each is tailored to the individual – and designed to get results.


MOBE guides people to better health and more happiness by providing tailored health support. We offer innovative health solutions including guided self-management and guided medication services.

Studies have shown that self-management can provide real relief from chronic pain, discomfort associated with chronic illness, anxiety and stress. Self-management also plays a pivotal role in helping the body respond to treatments for chronic illness or conditions.

With MOBE, instead of going it alone, participants work with a MOBE Guide who provides one-to-one health support. Guides take the time to understand each person’s unique health situation, guiding them through the steps of self-management and improved health.

If you want to be part of a high growth organization where our passion is to help people live happy, healthy lives, contact us today to learn how to join the MOBE team.


Position Summary

The MOBE Self-Management Guide is tasked with teaching the Consumer about how to successfully self-manage it in a more effective way. The MOBE Guide will do this by understanding the way their Consumer thinks about their health, health problems and solutions, evaluating these beliefs, challenging them and supporting this process through activities and guidance. As a MOBE Guide, you will use your own personal knowledge and experience to build strong relationships with the Consumer and to offer quality information in order to help the Consumer reframe their thoughts and understanding of their health and health care decisions. This will result in increasing the Consumer’s ability to transform the environment in which they exist where the chronic illness does not define them nor impact their ability to live fully.

MOBE Guides must be clinically trained however, this is a non-clinical role and the MOBE Guide must have the ability to work with Consumers in a way that is very different from a treating provider. MOBE Guides must be caring, empathetic, open minded, and confident in their interactions with the Consumer and must be able to develop a relationship over the telephone. The MOBE Guide will help the Consumer to identify their unhealthy beliefs and challenge them by proposing new healthier beliefs aligned with MOBE’s Fact-Based Principles. These Fact-Based Principles are grounded in solid scientific knowledge and when fully understood, are a safe and effective way to guide appropriate, informed less risky decision making. The four Fact-Based Principles are:

You are self-healing

How you think affects how you function

Medicine is an aid, not a cure

You can own your own health

The MOBE Guide will also introduce the Consumer to Care Paths and activities that will further reinforce the Fact-Based Principles as part of the Consumer’s healthier lifestyle. This will all be accomplished through telephonic guiding conversations and sharing of information (examples/options of lifestyle enhancements for the consumer to consider implementing at their discretion).

MOBE Guides will initially be hired in as MOBE Guides in Training. Following successful completion of the MOBE Guide training program, Guides in Training will be activated and become an official MOBE Guide employee with Consumer assignments.

MOBE Guides will be supported by a program support team that will help to complete many of the administrative tasks such as scheduling initial appointments in order to ensure that the MOBE Guide’s interaction with the Consumer is as effective as possible. MOBE Guides work from remote secure locations. Some evening hours are required.


Engage the interest and ongoing participation of the Consumer
Identify and maintain the precise cadence of interaction and change appropriate for each individual Consumer
Assess the beliefs and concerns that drive health Consumer’s decisions for utilization
Educate the Consumer on the MOBE Fact-Based Principles
Choose prepared content to support your conversations with the Consumer
Prepare for each conversation with the Consumer and provide activities in between conversations
Initiate Consumer surveys and review the responses during the guiding conversations
Educate the Consumer to the MOBE care paths and expertly choose activities that will reinforce the MOBE Fact-Based Principles as part of their lifestyle
Using activity tools such as physical activity, proper sleep habits, good nutrition and purpose (emotional perspective) to implement healthy lifestyle change that are consistent with the specific healthy beliefs they are promoting and building with the Consumer
Help your Consumer to overcome obstacles they may experience in completing their care path activities
Reinforce the Consumer’s progress in increasing their ability to self-manage their chronic pain effectively and guide the Consumer forward to continued independent, intelligent lifestyle management
Initiate all Guiding Sessions, at the scheduled time
Document all calls, consumer progress and status in the MOBE Portal
Maintain a reliable telephone line and high speed internet access to be used for the Guiding Sessions
Participate in weekly team meetings and one to one with Manager to assess status of workload, program and review individual cases as necessary to meet success metrics of the program
Schedule follow-up eVisits with assigned consumers
Maintain an accurate updated schedule that identifies hours of availability
Key Characteristics

Empathetic, honoring the Consumer and what they are feeling
Passionate about helping others
Self-Confident and able to diplomatically express views that may be unpopular
Conscientious, organized and dependable; always meets deadlines and commitments
Personable, easily establishes rapport with others, making them feel comfortable and valued
Initiative-Driven, pursuing goals beyond what is required or expected
Service-Oriented, anticipating, recognizing and meeting customer needs
Conflict-Manager, diplomatically and tactfully able to calm tense situations
Communication, addressing issues, listening and seeking mutual understanding
Influence, effectively persuading others
Collaborative, works as part of the team to successfully achieve common goals

Minimum Qualifications:

Fluency in Spanish and English required
Hispanic culture awareness preferred
Bachelor’s Degree and Clinical Degree required
Clinical licensure preferred
Minimum of five years of experience required in direct consumer practice
Must be willing and able to work 20 hours per week including the ability to work evenings
The ability to convey a message through the use of storytelling in a telephonic conversation
Self-motivated to work independently
Excellent collaboration, drive for results and continuous improvement
Strong telephonic conversational skills
Able to build and maintain personal rapport
Empathetic, authoritative, organized, flexible, and focused
Fluent in health and lifestyle theory/fact
Comfortable and experienced in discussing others’ personal issues
Endeavors to teach problem solving rather than provide solutions
Must be flexible in approach with Consumers
Must have a desire to be a part of an organization looking to transform health culture
Proficient in the use of electronic communications capabilities such as the internet, instant messaging, text messaging and emailing
Proficient in use of Microsoft applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, Word, and Excel
Must be proficient in utilizing the calendar function within MS Outlook

EOE STATEMENT We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Self-Management Guide

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Self-Management Guide