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We are looking to hire an experienced Executive Assistant on a part-time basis, working 20 hour a week covering the evening hours on the East Coast, but the job’s location can be anywhere within the US

Expert Executive Assistant (remote / part-time)
About Handy:
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We are looking to hire an experienced Executive Assistant on a part-time basis, working 20 hour a week covering the evening hours on the East Coast, but the job’s location can be anywhere within the US.  You will be providing ‘extended hours coverage’ to a team of Admins in NYC who support key executives at Handy.
Your work will mostly be web and phone based.  All training and work will be done wherever you are, but you need to have your computer and the ability to keep it running.
Please read the attached Job Description in its entirety.  It is long (apologies), but it will give you a very good sense of what we are looking for and the importance that we are placing on this position.  And please do not apply without a customized response to this job post.
About you:
• Highly communicative: You believe that many issues and challenges do not even arise if you communicate well. You can’t remember the last time of being accused of talking too little.
• Attention to detail: You love details, if you could you would grow them in your yard, feed them daily and never let even one get away. You believe that no detail is trivial and thrive on feedback to hone skills that allow you to contribute to the company vision.
• Self-confident: You can communicate professionally and confidently with seasoned business contacts. Heck, you would even impress the president of the United States.
• Learning: You thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge and have done your share of self-learning. You can adapt quickly based on the needs of the company or Executive and you have a strong commitment to growth through learning new things.
• Thinking ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead for the people you work for, solving needs before they even arise in their minds.
• Skilled at prioritization: You spend your time exclusively on things that are most important to accomplish for the day; You have the ability to quickly zero in on the ‘critical few’ and put the ‘trivial many’ aside. You commit to understanding the priorities of the company and Executive so that you can make them yours as well.
• Problem solver: You understand when it’s time to take a step back and evaluate how to best solve a given (expected or unexpected) challenge. No matter what went wrong, you believe there is a solution to it and you are going to find it faster than Indiana Jones.
• Reliable and Professional: Within just a few short weeks the person you’re working with will build high-level confidence in you. In fact, you wouldn’t be surprised if she/he goes telling their peers that they can leave almost anything to you (and know it’s going to get done). You have an unquestionable personal code of ethics, integrity, diversity, and trust.
• Writing skills: You might not be the next Hemingway, but you enjoy writing well and get mad every time those silly little things called “typos” creep up on you.
• Listening is an art form: You understand the value of listening and love collecting more information than just the words that are being said.
• Technology is fun: You might not have earned the honors of being called a “geek” but give you a piece of technology (a service, software or hardware) and you will make it run.
Communications Management
• Receive and transcribe email dictations for contact owner
Task and Time Management
• Record all tasks assigned and performed in appropriate systems
• Keep accurate and detailed records of time spent on tasks in appropriate systems
• Prioritize different types of tasks and meet deadlines
• Consistently stay up to date on task management and communicate effectively regarding what is most important
Calendar Management
• Manage Executives time based closely to their priorities. Effectively operate as the gatekeeper of their time to ensure every week most closely represents their most important priorities and focus.
• Have confidence and sound judgement in pushing back on the Executive when they get distracted from their top priorities.
• Expertly maintain and update calendar in a fast-paced environment with many competing priorities including fielding all incoming scheduling requests, prioritizing meetings, communicating with all parties, and ensuring that meetings are set up for success – including having accurate locations, contact details, confirmations, and enough time for everyone to arrive in time and debrief if necessary
• Create follow-up emails to confirm appointments and alert Executive of any conflicts
• When necessary, book travel and accommodations for the CEO and any other team members who are traveling with the CEO
Meeting Management
• Create follow-up emails based on information provided by the meeting owner
• Record information collected from the meeting owner in a contact database
• Track action items committed to in meetings
• Add or update calendar items
• Plan for future interactions that Executive may want to deliver to their network
Management of Contact Database
• Enter new contact information into appropriate systems
• Update existing contact information
• Log value activities performed by contact owner
• Log Action items in appropriate systems
• Invite new contacts to proper social media platforms such as LinkedIn
• Accept LinkedIn invitations, if applicable
• Merge duplicate contacts
• Maintain proper system of prioritizing most important relationships and assist with recommending with whom your Executive should interact on any given week
Research management:
• Perform various internet-based research projects
• Perform business prospect research
• Create email drafts for the folks you work for based on their unique style/tone
• Help in producing meaningful and valuable text that can be delivered to Executives network
• Creation of Value Payload Items (text blurbs on items of value)
Email Management
• Process emails for Executive and indicate priority of emails in their inbox
• Draft email responses when possible that Executive can edit and send
• Scan and extract valuable information communicated via email
• Alert Executive of any urgent emails that need to be seen or acted on
• Clean unnecessary noise in the inbox that Executive doesn’t want to see
• Identify opportunities to produce new interactions based on context gathered via email review
Any other responsibilities that might arise while performing this job
This is important – Please only apply if:
• You are willing to write a customized response to this job post.
• You have a proven background of working in a high-velocity environment.
• You have a proven background of working remotely (if based outside NYC).
• You have at least 5 years of Administrative Support experience – ideally at the Executive level
• You can provide at least 2-3 references
• You have experience or knowledge of the Tech industry (preferred)
Unfortunately, if you do not meet these requirements we will not be able to respond. Congratulations, you have made it to the end of this job posting! That might already qualify you for this job. We can’t wait.

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