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Why are people flocking to Tailwind Tribes?

Tribes lets you join trusted people in your niche to share relevant content and grow your reach!

Never-ending supply of relevant content at your fingertips

Do you ever find yourself spending hours searching for content to pin that’s relevant for your audience and meets your standard of quality? Tailwind Tribes makes it easy to form groups with like-minded people around any topic, so relevant content from sources you trust is always just a click away!

Reach untapped audiences in your target market

When you submit your best content to a Tribe, you’re providing that same relevant and high-quality content for all of your Tribemates to pin! So instead of relying on just your own followers to get exposure on Pinterest and drive traffic, you’ll have the support of your Tribemates helping you reach their audience as well!

Perfect for Both New and Experienced Social Media Marketers

Promote • Grow • Learn

Our All Niches Tribe Stats as of 4/25/2018


Re-Shared Social Media

Join Our Tribe All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn

All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn has already grown to 181 members, who have collectively added 2,641 Pins to this Tribe! These pins have since been re-shared 6,843 times by fellow Tribemates, receiving 22,347,305 potential impressions on Pinterest!


The purpose of this tribe is to help each other to share blogs, services, products, tips, resources etc. related to: • Travel • Health • Fitness • Wellness • Food • Blogging • Personal Growth • Freelance • Virtual Assistant • Photography • Freelance • Fashion • Family • Budgets • Money • Business • Work-at-Home • Remote-Work •••> Are you just getting started in your niche? •••> All Are Welcome even if you don’t have a blog, service or product.

Tribe Rules

PLEASE FOLLOW TRIBE RULES •PARTICIPATION REQUIRED: OPT#1 Only share pins OPT#2 Submit pins and reshare. It’s Okay if you only want to repin other tribers pins from this tribe and not add pins. However, if you add a pin, it’s only fair you repin an equal number of pins that you have added. ie, If you add 1 then repin 1, Add 5 then repin 5 etc. Non participates will be removed. •All pins MUST have a description of at least one sentence. •Be transparent and no spamming. For example, if your pins states “57 ways to make more money” then link that pin to “57 ways to make more money.” •No Nudity ______________________ Introduce yourself in chat with your Pinterest URL for a friendly follow & please follow us here •Invite your friends •NEED HELP? Email us •OR refer to Tailwind help guides

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