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How to Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistants

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In this post, we will cover:

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • No Virtual Assisting Experience? No Problem!
  • Desirable traits of a Virtual Assistant
  • Free “How To” Courses – Is Freelancing for You?
  • Freelance Virtual Assistant Resources
  • 120+ Profitable Virtual Assistant Services to Offer
  • Free Virtual Assistant Coaching and Support with Website Set-up and Launch
  • Free Creative Design Templates
  • What Do I need to Become a Virtual Assistant?
  • Our Exclusive Job Board full of Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants (updated regularly)
  • Business Solutions for Serious Virtual Assistants
  • Q&A

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re new to the virtual assistant medium then let’s take a moment to explain a virtual assistant’s job description.

First off, there is no blanket job description for this field because virtual assistant duties are dependent upon their employer or clients needs.

Most virtual assistants focus on administrated tasks that may be similar to that of a brick-and-mortar executive assistant or secretary.

A virtual assistant is very well organized, one who wears many hats and capable of handling a variety of everyday tasks.

There are literally hundreds of virtual assistant duties.  To give you an idea, here are a few typical job duties; calendar/scheduling management, content marketing, email management, social media marketing management and many more.

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QUICK NOTE for those of you who have been working on setting up your Bookable Virtual Assistant Website, we finally added the “How-To” video…woot-woot!

Head on over to “How to Set Up a Virtual Assistant Website” and check it out.  We think you’ll find it very helpful.


No Virtual Assisting Experience? No Problem!

It’s very common to begin as a Virtual Assistant with little to no experience with a job title of “Virtual Assistant.”

Anyone who currently works in a brick and mortar job as a stay-at-home parent, HR pro, accountants, paralegals, indexers and many other professions, can easily transfer skills to a Virtual Assistant position.

Scroll down for our list of desirable traits of a Virtual Assitant or get started on laying the foundation work for a successful freelance career.

If you have no Virtual Assisting experience but have these traits then becoming a Virtual Assistant may be your dream job!

Desirable Traits of a Virtual Assitant

No Experience - No Problem!

Transferable Job Qualities For Becoming A Virtual Assistant
AccuracyIntegrity"Outside Of The Box" Thinker
Time-ManagementReliability Good Communication Skills
Problem SolverDiscretionConfident
ResourcefulAdding ValueOrganized

Got Questions?

We are here to help you create a successful career so let us know what's on your mind.

Is Going Freelance Right For You?

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Freelance Virtual Assistant Resources

Are you considering setting up your own Freelance Virtual Assistant Business?

Determine which direction is right for you from Virtual Assistant Experts:

What Do I Need To Become A Virtual Assistant?

While company requirements may vary, if you own a newer computer and have excellent organizational skills becoming a VA may be your work-from-home job answer.

This list gives you a good idea of what companies look for in a Virtual Assistant/Data Entry position.


  • Dedicated Office Space
  • Newer Computer (multi-screens are useful)
  • High-Speed Internet (typically wired not wi-fi)
  • Dedicated Phone Line (sometimes not necessary)


Need Help With Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business?

We’ve scoured high and low and have found some top rated tools for getting your Virtual Assistant Business started off on the right foot. These resources are helpful if you are new to Virtual Assisting or wanting to advance your skills.

Social Media Skills

Many Virtual Assisting positions will require managing social media campaigns. If you want to advance your career and learn the foundations of social media or even advance your social media skills  Simplilearn may be your 1st choice. Simplilearn has “learn at your own pace” courses, masters programs, and free resources to help you grow your Virtual Assisting Career.

Creating and Launching A Bookable Virtual Assistant Website

So you’ve got your blueprint layed out and are ready to create and launch your Bookable Virtual Assistant Website?

No worries, we’ve got you covered with Easy to Follow Step-by-Step guide on How to Set Up a Virtual Assistant Website including a How-To Video.

Free Creative Design Templates

Grab Your Freebies

Do you have a Virtual Assistant business and are looking for some creative inspiration?

We’re excited to offer you Free goodies to help you with your Virtual Assisting business.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs On The Rise

Virtual Assistant jobs are growing in popularity due to the benefit of working from the comfort or your home.

Ultimately you can eliminate the dreaded daily commute saving you both time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Business Solutions for Serious Virtual Assistants

If you’re serious about building your own virtual assisting business, and we know you are☺, don’t forget to make your life easier with these goto flexible solutions:

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Stay tuned for more ‘How To’ guides:

  • Add A Working Agreement
  • Add Essential VA Plugins
  • Add VA Accounting Tools
  • Add VA Task Tracking Tools
  • Find & Keep VA Clients

For continued support, jump on over to Community and Support where you can get questions answered, learn, grow and connect with like-minded career driven individuals.

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Do you want to grow a successful virtual assistant business?


Join virtual assistants who are committed to growing successful, service-based businesses. A wealth of experience and a desire to share. VA Leads provides a positive, growth-minded environment that is crucial to your success

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