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How to Know The Difference – Remote, Telecommute and Work-from-Home

Day after day, you sit in traffic going to work in the morning and then sit in the same dreaded time-consuming evening commute one more time.

According to the US Census, workers with extreme commutes of 90 minutes or more are increasing year after year.

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Maybe it’s time to start working from home and stop wasting your life in traffic?

So, if you’ve finally decided to skip the drive and start searching for a job you can do from home, then it’s critical to know the differences of “Remote”, “Telecommute”, and “Work-from-Home,” in order to understand the job when you apply and revamp your resume.

When searching for a job it’s easy to become overwhelmed and or frustrated with all the industry terms such as “Remote”, “Telecommute”, and “Work-from-home.”

Let the head-spinning buzzword craziness be put to rest with these simple straightforward definitions.

What Is Remote Work?

To work a remote job is to work from anywhere with internet access.

Remote workers often never meet their co-workers or supervisors face-to-face.

What Is Telecommute Work?

Telecommute work is when you may be required to live in a certain city to work onsite 1 or 2 days per week.

While telecommuting doesn’t get you fully away from the drive to work, you still save both time and money.

What is Work-from-Home Work?

Work-from-Home work typically refers to independent contractors, freelancers, and or business owners.

Work-from-Home is also referred to as “WFH” (work from home) or “WAH” (work at home.)

In conclusion, not all jobs are defined by our definitions above.

If you find a job you qualify for and want to submit an application but you’re uncertain if you can work from home, travel and work remotely or telecommute, then reach out to the hiring manager.

It’s critical to know the requirements before applying.

Helpful Tip: We make it easy for you on our Job Board by breaking down the requirement of each job.

While there are some great options in this medium, no matter what career group you choose, they all share many of these basic job requirements:

  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Phone Access
  • Computer Operating Knowledge
  • Email Usage Knowledge

To get more help on setting up your office and typical job requirements, check out our post:


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