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Create A Job Board Widget – For Work From Home and Remote Work Job Seekers

How-To Display A Job Widget On Your Website

Are you searching for work from home jobs to display on your website?

Well, now you can!

Display work from home jobs on your website with our “Create Your Job Widget.”

3 Benefits of Displaying a Job Board on Your Blog

  1. Increase Your Blog Traffic:  By displaying quality work from home jobs your audience will keep coming back to your website.
  2. Get Paid: 7 ways to earn 50% commissions. Learn more here.
  3. Less Work For You: Our Pro Jobs Finders Crew works diligently to provide quality Work From Home Jobs and Remote Jobs for the travelers at heart. Plus, the board will auto-update when our crew adds jobs.

Below is an example of what a typical job board widget can look like on your blog.



  1. Select your job options for the widget and click on “Get Widget Embed Code.”
  2. This action will reveal 2 sections; a preview of your widget, and the code.
  3. The code can be pasted into any website (it doesn’t have to be a WordPress site) and your job listings will be displayed.

Got Questions?

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