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Hey All! Do you use Tailwindapp with Pinterest? Do you get this error “Please add a Source URL” when scheduling pins?

If you’ve seen this error, chances are you’re about ready to pull your hair out…lol!☺

But seriously, why does this error happen and how can it be fixed?

With the impressive Tailwindapp chat support (kudos Emily) we now have a clear understanding of how to fix the missing URL error and keep our sanity too!☺

Let’s break it down.

What Does The Missing Pinterest Source URL Look Like?

The image below shows an example of “Enter a source URL” while trying to schedule pins. Look for the red circles in the screenshot below.

tailwind error enter a source url

Why Are Some Draft Pins Missing Pinterest Source URLs?

Quoted from the awesome chat support team (Kudos to Emily) these URL errors are products of “Composite” pins.

“When a Pin is Composite, it means that the Source URL of that pin is hidden and Tailwind’s scheduling extension can’t see it right away. In order for us to “see it”, simple hover over the pin with your mouse! This happens to Rich Pins, Promoted Pins, Related Pins and even just random regular Pins!”

Here’s How to Fix Tailwind Draft Pins Missing Pinterest Source URLs

  1. Hover your mouse over a Pin before scheduling.
  2. Schedule as normal with the Tailwind Scheduling Extension!

Below, you’ll find two resources direct from Tailwindapp which include their quick youtube video showing how to resolve this error and an additional explanation direct from their Knowledge Base by clicking here   “Why are my draft Pins missing Source URLs?”


Did you find this resource helpful?  Do you have questions or comments?

We’d ♥ to hear from you. Comment below, email us directly at , or you can reach out to us on The TailwindApp by clicking on either image below.

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