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Easy Seat Yoga Sukhasana

Sitting on the floor can be challenging. Over time, stretching and strengthening the body by incorporating yoga poses will enable you to sit more comfortably.

If at first, it is difficult, be patient—prop yourself up or lean against the wall to make it easier.

Remember to listen to your body when exercising.

If something hurts or your feeling short of breath or dizzy, STOP! Discontinue the exercise and consult your primary care professional. In case of an emergency call 911.

Prior to any exercise or any diet changes always consult your primary care professional. This post was not written by a doctor, registered dietitian or fitness expert.  We share our personal experiences, opinions, and lifestyles with like-minded individuals for the sole purpose of helping you to achieve your lifestyle goals.  Please contact us with any questions.

Easy Seat Yoga Steps

Step 1 Sit on a mat on the floor. all enhance the level of relaxation.

Step 2 Bend your knees, crossing your legs at the shins.

Step 3 Your knees should rest comfortably below your hips. Sit up on folded blankets if this alignment does not come naturally.

Step 4 Feel your buttock bones ground into the mat or blankets as you lift through the spine and crown of your head.

Step 5 Move your upper arms back to open your chest.


If there is discomfort in your knees, place blocks or blankets to support the knees.


Adjust your position until you feel centered and balanced.


If you have tight hips, lower back, or hamstrings, sit on more blankets. If it is challenging to sit up, place the blanket up against a wall and sit back with the wall to support you.

Find this yoga pose and more from Exercise in Action: YOGA by Betsy Kase

We hope you’ve found this exercise as beneficial as we have in our healthy at home lifestyle.

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Take care!

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