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Resume Templates

Resumes are the first impression your new employer sees.  You can quickly impress top employers and win them over with these epic resume templates and cover letter templates.

The job market is tight, especially within the work-from-home and remote-work travel mediums.

In these times, with technology and its incredible leaps and bounds, it’s crucial to use the resources available to make your resume stand out in order to get noticed by top hiring companies and hiring managers.

If you’re serious about landing your dream work-from-home or remote-work travel job – we know you are – then you already know the same old resume won’t work in this day and age.

To stand out from the massive competition, you’ll need to have a Personal Resume Website along with an uploadable style resume such as a .pdf or .docx.

To complement our Free Career Coaching and Support, which includes a Personal Resume Website set-up and launch, we’ve curated our top resume picks from our creative pals at Creative Market.

You’ll have access to multiple winning resume templates to choose from as well as cover-letter templates to be used with your online job applications.  Check out our picks below and let us know which one you choose.

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