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Maybe you just started your work-from-home career, or perhaps you’ve been working from home for years, either way, having a structured day working from home is just as important as it was in a brick and mortar.

While many believe their home-based job is a dream career, setting rules and separating work from personal is a critical key to success.

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” -Carlton Fisk

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This post will outline 5 Easy ways to ensure your focus, motivation, and productivity for a successful work-from-home career.

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So let’s get started and jump into the top 5 tips now.

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Tip 1 – Set a Schedule

When you’re new to working from home, it may be difficult to stay focused.  We have a few key strategy tips to staying focused working at home.

focus when working from home

If you’ve ever had a 9-5 job or any job for that matters, you know there is a schedule, and you tend to stick to it.  The idea behind a scheduled daily plan is key to being productive with your work.

While working from home gives you many freedoms, identifying your best work hours, creating a schedule and sticking to it will render a better work life.

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focus work from home signTip 2 – Please Do Not Enter

If you are new to working from home, it may be difficult for others in your household to know when it’s time for work and time to “Can you help me with the dishes” time.  In this case, a “Do Not Disturb” or “Quiet Please” sign may be helpful for letting others know you are busy and not available to help with chores.

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focus work from home turn off personal notificationsTip 3 – Let Others Know

Being new to the work from home lifestyle is also new to your family members and friends.  Letting them know you are working with a particular set of hours will help you accomplish more in a workday.

focus work from home dress for successTip 4 – Dress For Success

A top benefit of working from home is often the commute. While going to work in your pj’s may be easier, washing your face, brushing your teeth and getting dressed elevates a positive attitude which creates a more productive workday.

Easy 3-Step Start Guide to Creating Focus 

Check out “7 Tips for a Healthier Work at Home Lifestyle” to learn more.

work from home take breaksTip 5 – Take Breaks

Some workaholics may love the idea of working from home, but grinding out work 24/7 is unhealthy.  When creating your schedule, including a couple of break times every 2-3 hours.  Stepping away from your desk or work area for 10-15 minutes to take a brisk walk will increase blood circulation and feed your brain oxygen which ultimately refreshes your work ideas and helps you to be more focused.

Recap Key Strategies for Staying Focused When Working From Home

  1. Keep a daily schedule, down to the minute, including getting ready for the day.
  2. Notify household members you are working by using a “Closed” or “Do Not Disturb” sign on your office door or area.
  3. Get the word out to other family members and friends of your working hours so they refrain from interrupting you at home.
  4. Dress for success applies to work from home people too.
  5. Be focused and heart-healthy by taking a couple of brisk walks a day.

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