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15 Easy Ways to Lose Weight from Home

Losing weight can be overwhelming especially when you work from home with easy access to the kitchen and your office just steps from your bedroom.

We get it. The good news is as experts in working from home, we have 15 effective ways to lose weight from home that we must share with you whether you work from home full-time or part-time.

1 – Go To Bed Early

Do you want an easier way to lose weight? Start by going to bed early.

A lack of sleep links to obesity as found in a study from UC Berkeley.  Researchers scanned the brains of a 23 member panel with both a normal night’s sleep vs. a sleepless night.  And you guessed it, more participants craved unhealthy junk food when they had little to no sleep.

To sum it up, Professor Matthew Walker from US Berkely psychology and neuroscience says, “…getting enough sleep is one factor that can help promote weight control by priming the brain mechanisms governing appropriate food choices.”

So get your ZZZZ’s!

Having trouble falling to sleep?

In our professional opinion, we use and recommend Bedtime from Yogi

2 – Eat A Healthy Breakfast

It’s been said that skipping a meal will help you lose weight due to consuming fewer calories, but according to Courtney Peterson, assistant professor of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama Birmingham, says, “Your metabolism and blood sugar control are better in the morning than they are in the evening and at night, so it makes sense to eat more food earlier in the day.”

For years and years, eating breakfast has been referred to as the most important meal of the day for many reasons. So eat your breakfast.

To give you a couple of healthy breakfast ideas that work well for us, here are two of our family favorites:

Organic Gluten-free Oats with berries, nuts and sometimes a drizzle of raw honey.

Organic Rice Protein shake with toast.

3 – Keep Your Coffee Clean

We don’t mean wash your coffee silly! We mean stay clear from high-calorie sugars, creamers and high-calorie flavored syrups.

Instead, find healthy clean-eating alternatives such as these two favorites:

Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Organic Stevia Powder – As Seen On ABC, The CW, Fox, NBC, and CBS

4 – Schedule Breaks

Yes, even people who work from home should take breaks too.

In fact, sticking to a schedule will not only help you to be more organized, but you will be healthier too.

Check it out for an 8 hour work day:

7 am – 8:45 Work

8:45 – 9 am 15-min break (take a 5-10min brisk walk outside or in the house; weather permitting)

9 am – 11 am Work

11 am – 12 pm Lunch (take a 5-10min brisk walk outside or in the house; weather permitting)

12 pm – 2 pm Work

2 pm – 2:15 pm  15-min break (take a 5-10min brisk walk outside or in the house; weather permitting)

2:15 pm – 4 pm Work

4 pm – Nice work! Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping to your schedule!

Try this planner we love!  You can plan by the hour and quarter-hour, week, month and year.

Remember your walking shoes! Comfort is key and we like both Men’s and Women’s Nike shoes and gear.


5 – Keep Your Home Temperature Cool

Try turning down your thermostat by a few degrees to help you lose weight.

Really, it’s true.

Cooler temperatures for the body to work harder to stay warm.

So try staying cool with Nest Easy Temperature Control for Every Room.

6 – Try A Standing Desk

Being slumped in your desk chair is no good for so many reasons including weight gain.

In fact, according to an Iowa University study, you can burn up to 87 more calories a day vs. sitting in a standard desk chair.

Have you done the math? That’s nearly 2,000 calories in just one month.

Woohoo! Beats burning zero calories using a standard desk chair.

Ready for a stand-up desk yet?

We thought so! Check out this popular adjustable stand-up desk we love.

7 –  Drink More Water

Feeling hungry is often confused with actually being thirsty.

Keep water handy and drink up.

Not only will you train your brain to think you’re full, but you’ll also become more hydrated which is a bonus for having healthy beautiful skin.

8 –  Read Labels

Do you find yourself reading food labels after you’ve already purchased them and they’re put away in your fridge or pantry?

Be healthier by getting into the habit of reading your food labels prior to the grocery checkout.

Look for wholesome food ingredients and stay clear from ingredients that you cannot pronounce…yikes.

Whether you prefer to shop inside the grocery store or you prefer a personal shopper checking out ingredients is a breeze on Amazon Fresh simply by clicking on the product and either reading on the image and or scrolling down and viewing ingredient list.

3-Steps to Success: Search, Read Ingredients and Save with Fresh Coupons.

9 – Yummy and Healthy Snacks

Have you taken any deep-dives into your pantry, freezer or fridge lately?

Don’t be scared, we all start somewhere. ☺

If you’re serious about losing weight fast, you don’t want to skip this step.

To get started, get 3 bins and label them as follows then get to it:

“Keep” – These are semi-unhealthy snacks, which are ones that you’ll hide behind the healthy snacks.

“Destroy” – These are just bad and unhealthy snacks, ie; additives, unnatural preservatives, highly-processed, has ingredients you cannot pronounce or unsure of what they mean etc.

“Giveaway” – These are the unhealthy snacks that you could live without.

Now that you’re left with the semi-unhealthy snacks it’s time to stock up on the healthy snacks.

Of course, easy access to lots of chopped up fresh fruits and veggies, as well as nuts are always a healthy choice.  You’ll get more fiber in your diet too…nice!

But whatever snack you choose to replace, look for low processed sugar and think about your “Destroy” box when your buying new snacks.

Ask yourself, “does this snack fit into the Destroy bin?” If so, move on to the next snack research.

Remember, Amazon is a great tool for checking ingredients prior to purchasing.

We recommend these delicious and tasty healthy snacks:

Organic Chickpea Puffs from Hippeas (This is a tasty dairy-free alternative to Cheetos)


Rhythm Superfoods Organic Kale Chips

Organic Raw Sprouted Buffalo Almonds and Ranch Cashews


10 – Reduce Portions

Okay, so you probably already know this one…eat smaller portions.

Rather than building up that foot-long hoagie and eating its entirety for one meal, enjoy a 6-inch sandwich now and then the other for lunch tomorrow.  Cool, you saved some time too so now you can go for an extra long walk tomorrow at lunch. Win-Win!

11 – Eat More Beans & Peas

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds – of course, you are since you’re on 11 of 15 – then make kidney beans, lentils, peas or chickpeas priority on your grocery list.

Specifically, kidney beans are high in both protein and fiber which helps you to feel full.

12 – Zoodles instead of Flour-Based Noodles

Trade out your flour-based noodles for either zucchini noodles or bean noodles to reduce calories and avoid gluten.

In comparison, flour-based noodles in a 1 cup serving have approximately 210 calories vs. zucchini noodles at only 40 calories.

So not only are you helping to get in your daily veggies but you’re cutting calories too. Nice job!

13 – Meatless Mondays

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’re already up on plant-based studies, but for those who are uncertain check out this study from the University of Copenhagen where they examined whether plant-based protein sources are comparable to animal protein sources when it comes to feeling more full.

The study concluded, “Vegetable-based meals (beans/peas) influenced appetite sensations favorably compared to animal-based meals (pork/veal) with similar energy and protein content, but lower fiber content. Interestingly, a vegetable-based meal with low protein content was as satiating and palatable as an animal-based meal with high protein content.”

We have all diets in our combined families, so please don’t take offense when we say, for all you non-veg-heads, try substituting in a plant-based dish and see how it makes a difference your weight loss.

We recommend checking out these plant-based recipes found here –> Eat Healthy at Home.

14 – EVOO

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO ( OEVOO in our case ) have polyphenols that have been known to lower blood pressure as a heart-healthy measure. Then the oleic acid helps to reduce your appetite and promote weight loss.

One of our favorite OEVOO is Zoe Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

15 – Limit Alcohol

If you like your adult beverages, then try to limit them if you’re serious about losing weight at home.

Whether you prefer beer, wine or mixed-drinks, it’s pretty simple….reduce your weekly intake.

Try cutting your weekly intake in half for 4-weeks and be sure to record your weight once a week and see the pounds melt away.

You’ll be amazed!

15 Easy Ways to Lose Weight from Home